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Fire Protection equipment:

Fire extinguishers:

Working with a wide range of customers, we understand that safety as well as value for money are important.

We supply TOTAL Fire Extinguishers that are the true pedigree of portable fire extinguishers with over 100 years of design and manufacturing behind every extinguisher.

TOTAL portable extinguishers are safe and reliable as well as being simple to operate.  The whole range features innovative products, many of which are unique to the UK market place. 

Continuous research and development means that TOTAL portable extinguishers are at the leading edge of technology.  Stringent testing and approvals ensures that TOTAL’s portfolio of extinguishers meets all national performance and approval standards for complete user confidence.


Just a few reasons to choose TOTAL:

  • Manufactured in Germany at a plant with over 100 years of fire extinguisher manufacturing experience
  • 5-year warranty provided extinguisher maintenance is carried out in line BS 5306 Part 3 by a competent person using manufacturer's spare parts

    The Standard range of TOTAL extinguishers enjoys the following approvals:

  • Kite Mark (BS EN3)
  • BAFE approved
  • MED (Kitemark)
  • CE mark

Our range of special products includes many not available in the UK marketplace; offering enhanced levels of safety to your customers. Have a look at some of the unique products on offer or see the TOTAL brochure for full details (link to PDF TOTAL brochure)

Helping the environment:

Ever mindful of protecting the environment and complying with current legislation, the TOTAL brand offers a range of Environmentally Friendly Fire Extinguishers that have little or no impact on the environment.

For example, discharge testing of Foam extinguishers is required every five years according to BS5306 Part 3. However, if a normal Foam Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguisher is emptied into a drain, soak way or water outlet this constitutes a direct contravention of the Groundwater Regulations 1998.

TOTAL branded extinguishers simply have a small Foam Cartridge that can be removed at testing and the remaining uncontaminated liquid in the extinguisher is just pure water that can be poured down any drain reducing waste and negative impacts on the environment.

Safe to spray:

All water based TOTAL extinguishers are safe for inadvertent use on electrical equipment up to 1,000 volts at a distance of 1 metre meaning that water and foam based extinguishers can now safely be used in a much wider range of environments than ever before. The wide range of extinguishers with the 1000v test includes:

  • 6 and 9ltr Foam Stored Pressure
  • 6ltr Eco Spray Cartridge Operated
  • 6 and 9ltr Water Stored Pressure
  • 6ltr Wet Chemical
  • 6ltr Water Antifreeze
  • 9ltr Water Antifreeze

All of the Water extinguishers also include a special anti bacterial agent to ensure that water remains uncontaminated in the extinguisher can but can safely be disposed of in drains and waterways.

Too cold?

The TOTAL range of fire extinguishers includes a 6ltr foam and 9ltr water that offer protection from –20oC up to +60oC making the extinguisher perfect for a whole host of unique outside locations such as garages, warehouses and building sites.

Dual-purpose TANDEM extinguishers:
The TANDEM range offers two extinguishers in one; where the extinguisher can be used as a normal portable fire extinguisher as well as being used in automatic operation where the extinguisher will protect an unattended indoor area of up to 4 to 6 metres. Available in a 6ltr Foam and 6kg and 9kg Dry Powder versions the TANDEM extinguishers are suitable for use in remote locations such as portakabins, engine rooms, heating rooms and server rooms.

Antimagnetic Carbon Dioxide:
This 5kg Carbon Dioxide extinguisher is completely manufactured from non-magnetic materials making is suitable for use in areas with sensitive electronic materials such as hospitals. Offering a 70B fire rating the extinguisher is safe to use on electrical fires up to 1000v as well as offering antifreeze protection to –20oC.


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